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A land of bewitching beauty Switzerland’s Alpine landscape and edgy cities are nestled in the heart...

A land of bewitching beauty Switzerland’s Alpine landscape and edgy cities are nestled in the heart of mainland Europe whether you’re looking for mountain passes, or urban enjoyment book your holidays to Switzerland here 

A truly magical city, blending a historic center with cutting-edge contemporary charm. Zurich is a wonderful city with tons to explore and roam around
We connect people who make traveling for a better world of changes` Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Switzerland Tour

How To Reach Switzerland?
Zurich International Airport is the main airport in Switzerland that has flights coming from around the world. It has great connectivity to places like Greece, Turkey, France, Azerbaijan, Germany, and other European and neighboring nations.

Wondering How to Reach Switzerland from the UAE?
You can take a direct non-stop flight from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. The average time of these flights would be 6 hours and 55 minutes.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Switzerland?
The best time to visit the country would be between April and October. However, travelers seeking a bit of thrill may prefer to visit the country in the winter months of December to March.

What Are the Main Places to Visit in Switzerland?
Some of the major places to visit in Switzerland include Rhine Falls, Mount Pilatus, Lake Zurich, Jungfrau, Chillion Castle, and Rosengarten.

What Are the Top Things to Do in Switzerland?
Take a dive into the diverse culture and traditions of Switzerland while skiing down the alps. Another activity to undertake while in Switzerland is to explore the various majestic lakes that adorn the country. Stroll across the world's popular cities of the country like Zurich and Geneva. Also, do not forget to savor the local Gruyere cheese, fondue, and the world’s best Swiss chocolates.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Switzerland?
Switzerland is called ‘Helvetia’ by the locals because of the multilingual nature of the canyons that make up Switzerland. The Swiss were the first in the world to incorporate edible gold inside their chocolates, which often makes these Swiss delicacies expensive. The country boasts of a well-connected transportation link, that one can access with just one ticket. The country also has one of the amazing railway lines in the world called Niesen Funicular, which even holds a Guinness book record.

What Is the Name of The Currency of Switzerland?
The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF).

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